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A fresh new year

A happy, happy, happy new year to you all! We’ve been snowed in at home for the best part of 3 weeks and at last the thaw has reached us. We also spent a few days without water due to frozen pipes which has made me really appreciate the smaller things in life like being able to take a bubble filled bath. But today the sun was shining brightly and it was warm enough to have the windows open so things feel full of optimism. I love this time of year, it is a chance to start lots of new things and to promise yourself  that the year will be packed full of wonderful things and people. I thought I would show you some beautifully bright and optimistic photographs today from one of my favourite photographers, Ulf Huett Nilsson. His work is so fabulous, it makes you happy just looking at it. I would absolutely love to use some of his photographs in a graphic design project but it costs over 500 euros to use one picture and I’m not sure if my clients would be open to that!! Never mind, it is wonderful being able to just gaze at them and dream of spring days and summer evenings.


Happy, happy holidays!

Well I just thought I’d end the year with details about an inspirational creative that I have just read about, who gives me enormous hope for the future! She is a Danish (what else?) designer called Jette Frölich who, at 69, has just launched a new range of products called Nordic Living which focuses on breathtaking Nordic Christmas decorations and interiors. She has been designing in many forms since the Seventies and says “Many friends wonder why I don’t stop to enjoy my “third age” but when I finish one thing, there is always something new to do”. Oh how I can identify with that. Well, I shall raise a very chilled glass of bubbly to Jette and hope that in the future when I reach that age I still have the creative energy to keep coming up with new ideas but I have the feeling that even if I was in a nursing home I would be trying to redecorate the interiors or redesign their branding!

Anyway readers, I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and hope you get a chance to relax over the holidays. Thank you all, customers & blog readers, for making this such a successful year for Ruby Rose Creative, I am blown away by the way things have gone this year given that it is in the middle of a recession, but I will not take it for granted that it will stay that way. Whatever is meant to happen will happen. Fingers crossed it will all be positive. Now go and put your feet up in front of a roaring fire and crack open the red wine! Happy Christmas!!!

I’m turning Japanese

I mentioned before that I thought I had lived a previous life in Sweden due to my endless addiction to all things scandinavian (in design terms) but now….I think I may have been Japanese!!! I LOVE everything kawaii (japanese cute) and they capture simplicity, minimalism and elegance in almost everything they produce. The items I have listed here are from a well known company called decole. Their site is in Japanese but hey, just take a look and if necessary use a dictionary or hijack a japanese friend!

Busy, busy, busy…

huge.8.43345I have been very poor at sticking to my blogging commitments recently due to a million other things going on. My design business is busy, busy, busy and will be like that until after Christmas at least. I am certainly not complaining but I feel I have been neglecting some other things and have to get a balance. Must try to get time to update this on a more regular basis….”in my spare time”…. 🙂

Autumn Days

Autumn is such a mixed season. It is lovely to have the long nights in front of the fire and the breezy walks on the beach but it seems a long way from the long, warm evenings of the summer. But funny enough I find that outside imagery and photography from the Autumn are much more interesting than summer shots. I suppose there’s so much more detail with the blankets of falling leaves before they disappear in Winter. Rachel Whiting, a UK based photographer, captures Autumn beautifully. The styling and art direction in her shots are so beautifully done, very casual and gorgeous. It’s worth losing summer for this type of wonderful imagery! Take a browse through her portfolio.rachel_whiting

The Queen of Pattern

11_L1030059_1There are very few people that I can honestly say have inspired me both creatively and on a business level but there are a few that I have discovered over the years that I acknowledge have inspired me to set up my own creative business and I have found their passion and business ideas a great help. One such person is Amy Butler, the absolute queen of pattern. You’ve probably heard of her already but I have been a fan of hers since she first started out.

It is not just her beautiful textile design that I love, it is her whole ethos. She set up her design company with her husband who is a graphic designer (she also started out in that industry). Her belief is that you can succeed in business without getting in over your head with bad debt. I totally agree with her on this point and I think it is best to stay small until you have the security to grow to a new level. I have known many people over the past couple of years who have borrowed phenomenal amounts of money to keep their businesses afloat and now they are in a very bad way. It’s not worth it and it’s not good business practice. I think that if you have a creative business you need to keep your mind free of money worries so that you have the space to be creative…a bit pie in the sky perhaps but it works for me! Work with what you have, don’t live in a permanent state of debt and grow your business slowly. Thank you Amy for  spreading your words of wisdom, I have followed them to the letter and it is certainly working for me!

A local talent

emerosullivanIt’s so nice to find something that you like and then find that it is created by someone locally. The ceramic beauties produced by Letterkenny based artist Emer O’Sullivan are so delicate and whimsical that I would love to buy all of them! Yes, that’s it, I’ll definitely have to get married again so I can put her pieces on my wedding list. Guess I should mention this to my husband first 🙂

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