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A Tradition of Excellence

I really love when I meet a client who knows exactly what they want and they are good at communicating this need. This makes a designer’s job so much easier. Within minutes of meeting Mary Margaret Grant of Westbrook House I knew that she would be great to work with as she has so much experience in the tourism industry and she had a clear idea of what she’s looking for in her website and branding. She also understood that to maximise the beauty of her property and business that customised photography was a must. And boy was it worth it. Mary Margaret and Willie Grant own a very beautiful Georgian house in Buncrana, Inishowen which they run as a 4* B&B. The photos on the site show you the lovely interiors and gardens of the house but to experience their great hospitality though you’ll have to visit it for yourselves. I asked Mary Margaret if I could put a few excerpts from her guest books onto the site but there are so many fantastic comments that it would take me a year to put them on. And well deserved they are too.


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