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Painting the town red

I originally come from a scenic little town in the north west of Ireland called Buncrana. After living away for a long time and travelling far & wide my family and I moved back here a few years ago. The town has changed a bit since I last lived here but fundamentally a lot is the same, the heart of the place is still there and thankfully there is a strong community which is why we felt it was the right place to bring up children.

A few months ago I was approached by the Chamber of Commerce in Buncrana to oversee the rebrand of the group and the image of business within the town. If you look at advertising and marketing for small towns it generally is quite bland and doesn’t really sell the place to you. I wanted to create something that showed the town in a fresher and more contemporary way and I also did NOT want to use standard stock photography. I worked alongside the very talented photographers Martha McCulloch and Harry Kerr from The Memory Factory and in August we spent 2 days capturing the retail essence of our little town. It actually was an eye opener because we spotted lots of little details that we had never seen before – it’s amazing when you live somewhere you never actually look at it properly. We drafted in a few models who happily cavorted round and didn’t moan once, even when it rained. I’m so pleased with the results and the images will be incorporated into other materials to get the maximum use out of them.


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