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Summer is well underway in beautiful Inishowen and we are lapping up the long warm days and evenings. I absolutely don’t realise what a beautiful part of the world I live in until the sun appears and then I see it in all its glory. I used to work in busy cities where the summers were exciting and buzzing but nothing on earth beats the magical beauty of the Inishowen waves on a hot day and the chance to share that with your children. I must be getting more spiritual in my old age because the buzz of the city would most definitely have been my preference a few years ago! Anyway, to draw myself out of my reverie – apologies for not posting for a while but it is the usual excuse – not enough hours in the day. I guess maybe that’s a good sign in these times of recession. Mari and I did the latest photoshoot for Irish Quilt & Craft magazine a few weeks ago and it has now gone on the shelves of all good bookstores in Ireland, UK, US, Australia and NZ! I will post some pics of the spreads shortly. Also we will soon be doing a shoot with another great client of mine which is the fabulous chic-hens (divine hen houses and custom built loveliness). The thing I love about these clients is that they are up for trying out new ideas and taking a chance. How refreshing to work with people like that.

Anyway….boy I am on a bit of a ramble today…I found the most gorgeous online Dutch store called nooosugar – not sure of the reason for the name but its a good one. Everything is designed by Anja Bas Backer and her partner and then hand produced in Morocco. The colours are beautiful and everything looks like a little piece of treasure. I would LOVE to get some of the cushions for my conservatory which I am currently designing/decorating. These colours would knock anybody’s socks off and the leather stools are just gorgeous. Perfect things for a chill out space. One problem though, no time to chill out, mmm will have to work on that one!


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