Happy, happy holidays!

Well I just thought I’d end the year with details about an inspirational creative that I have just read about, who gives me enormous hope for the future! She is a Danish (what else?) designer called Jette Frölich who, at 69, has just launched a new range of products called Nordic Living which focuses on breathtaking Nordic Christmas decorations and interiors. She has been designing in many forms since the Seventies and says “Many friends wonder why I don’t stop to enjoy my “third age” but when I finish one thing, there is always something new to do”. Oh how I can identify with that. Well, I shall raise a very chilled glass of bubbly to Jette and hope that in the future when I reach that age I still have the creative energy to keep coming up with new ideas but I have the feeling that even if I was in a nursing home I would be trying to redecorate the interiors or redesign their branding!

Anyway readers, I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and hope you get a chance to relax over the holidays. Thank you all, customers & blog readers, for making this such a successful year for Ruby Rose Creative, I am blown away by the way things have gone this year given that it is in the middle of a recession, but I will not take it for granted that it will stay that way. Whatever is meant to happen will happen. Fingers crossed it will all be positive. Now go and put your feet up in front of a roaring fire and crack open the red wine! Happy Christmas!!!


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