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Capturing childhood

Picture 2I am obsessed by kids portrait photographers at the moment as my 3 year old, hubby and myself are going to do a session with my good friend Mari from LetsPose Photography (more details in blog entry below) in the next few months. I really want to get some shots of my little girl that I can keep for the future as I think it will be gorgeous for her to look back on them in years to come. I was told about a fabulous photographer called Prue Ruscoe who specialises in interiors but also does some fabulously retro looking kids portraits. Her photos look like an album from the mid seventies which gives them a beautiful rich depth. I was going to post just a few of her shots but I just couldn’t pick out a couple, I had to show you a good selection. Beautiful, beautiful. I must show these to Mari so we have some guidelines on the type of shots we are trying to achieve. My poor child, that’s what she gets having an art director for a mother!

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Another old favourite

Tea-1When I lived in London I used to love Bombay Duck. They always had such an eccentric array of products, I’d say they were one of the first companies to make shabby chic a desired interiors choice. I’m so glad to see that they’ve remained as kooky and off the wall as always, even now when everyone and his dog are jumping on the eccentric bandwagon. A lot of their things are little odds and ends you could perhaps have spotted in your Gran’s house 20 years ago but you never thought they would come back into fashion, a kind of vintage wish list. But I was always a bit strange like that, I liked these kitsch designs long before they came into fashion. I bought many gifts for friends over the years in Bombay Duck and I must revisit it now that I know they have stuck to their design guns.

Summer beauty

1633As the hot and humid weather is well and truly here (I won’t moan about it, I promise, it rains too much in Ireland for me to ever moan about sunshine!) our thoughts turn to beautiful airy designs, light colours and things that remind us of childhood summers. I really like the whiteness of the products available at the Chic Shack. Although initially you might think ‘pink, pink and more pink’ but there is actually a very muted palette within their product line and there are things that you could incorporate into most homes. I just love the stark whiteness of the lines which look fabulous on a sunny day. Not sure how a totally white room would look in the depths of an Irish winter but I wouldn’t mind giving it a go!




martha_stewart_1Ok I’ll admit it, I am a closet Martha Stewart fan. We’ve all watched Desperate Housewives and imagined ourselves living in a perfect American house with our perfect American children and baking pecan pies with Bree (or is that just me? ;] ). Martha Stewart makes that sort of thing come to life. She writes articles on home decorating and entertaining that must be specifically written for women (and men) with a lot of time on their hands…or a business owner who is also Superwoman in her spare time. But the photos are beautiful. When I browse through them I think ‘someday I will have time to do all of this and then I will be perfect’. Dream on. But it doesn’t hurt to look does it? Take a look and see if it brings out the Stepford Wife in you.


Never disappoints

Agra cushionsOne company that never fails to disappoint in terms of design variety is a beautiful online store called Plumo. Their ranges are so tasteful and beautiful, they just never seem to get it wrong. It’s like the very, very best of Etsy has been gathered in one place…oh joy of joys! My credit card shivers everytime I go into the website. I must keep Plumo in mind at Christmas when it gets harder and harder to get unique gifts for loved ones. They sell clothing, jewellery, homewares and really gorgeous gifts, resist if you can (impossible if you ask me!).

Butterfly scarfChoux necklacePoppy dress

A keen eye


I’d like to introduce you to an emerging talent in the photographic industry. Her name is Mari Therese McCallion and she is starting up a full time career as a photographer after having spent many years taking many beautiful shots and waiting ‘until the time is right’ to start up a new business. When is it ever the right time? Well, through events that have happened her recently she now has the great opportunity to do just that and she is currently putting her heart and soul into getting her business off the ground.

The nicest thing about Mari’s work is that it is very natural but has a special something that comes from having a photographer’s eye. She takes the kind of photographs that make people say ‘I could do that’ and then when they try it is a miserable disaster – that is the key to real talent, make it look easy, but in reality it never is. Check out Mari’s website for a look at some of her work and I would advise you to watch out for her – it is a name that will crop up many times in the coming years.


Fantastically Finnish

My latest love is a beautiful Finnish textile company called Marimekko. The patterns and textures are just breathtaking. I love the clean, contemporary look of their products, which are so wonderfully retro they wouldn’t look out of place in 1974 (in a very good way!). To complete my excitement I have just found out that they have stores in London, so I think a little trip will be in order very shortly! 




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